Eliminate plastics and other waste materials using these simple steps

Plastic is one of the primary sources of pollution. As a steward of the earth, we should take active measures to reduce plastic waste. As the famous line goes, a change should start within ourselves. With the following steps, you can significantly reduce plastic waste in the environment.

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·         Stop patronizing plastic-wrapped produce – most of the produce sold in the supermarket are wrapped in plastics. Even if you are buying organic food, it would mean nothing if it is wrapped in plastic. A thin film of plastic takes many years to degrade. Some even come with polystyrene trays, which take many years to degrade. These plastic wraps and trays are a burden to the environment. So, instead of patronizing such produce, why don’t you buy straight from your local farmer’s market? That one simple gesture can make a huge difference to the environment.

·         Choose loose tea over tea bags – You might think that a tea bag is safe for the environment but the truth is that it comes from a thin layer of polypropylene plastic, which takes time to degrade. If you are a tea drinker, it is best to patronize loose tea over tea bags.

·         Ditch plastic straws – If you are used to using plastic straws, then now is the best time to completely eliminate them. Drinking straight from your glass is a simple gesture but does a big thing for the environment. If you are in a fast food chain or restaurant, you can just say no to plastic straws when being offered to.

·         Use toothbrushes made from organic materials – toothbrushes are usually made from plastic materials and we need toothbrushes no matter how we look at it. After all, nobody likes to have bad breath. But don’t you know that you can ditch your plastic toothbrush? Change it over to toothbrushes made from organic materials such as bamboo. The bristles would still be made from plastic but at least you are keeping it to a minimum.

·         Reuse plastic bottles – Shampoos, laundry detergents, and fabric conditioners usually come in plastic bottles. To avoid putting them into waste, you can reuse them. Just by the refill pack and place them in your old plastic bottles. That way, you can eliminate plastic waste in your household.

·         Throw away your coffee cups and use your usual mug/cup – Coffee films have plastic films inside, which take some time to recycle. When taking your usual coffee, ditch the coffee cup and use your usual mug/cup. If you are getting it from a vending machine, it is best to carry with you your mug. This habit may take some time to get used too, especially for coffee drinkers. However, if you want to do something good for the environment, then you should start this habit.

Plastics have been around for some time now and now we are feeling the negative effect on the environment. We can slowly eliminate plastic waste by turning away from materials made from plastic or by simply using plastic materials the smartest way possible such as recycling.

How society moulds today’s generation?

A person’s behavior is not only molded by his/her family, but also by society. In fact, in teens’ lives, society has a big role to play, especially when it comes to behavior, attitude, and character. Today’s society is packed with modern conveniences such as media ads and the internet, which makes the big world small. With just a few clicks, teens can easily watch the news and follow the latest trends.

How the media affects teens?

Many years ago, the only forms of media are radio and television. Today, it is everywhere: television, radio, video games, internet, and social media platforms, to name a few. How the teens use media can positively or negatively impact their lives. With the internet, teens can easily search for things that interest them the most. It can help them in doing research. It will enable them to meet people from other places. On the flip side, the media can affect how teens think. Censorship is something that is not present in today’s media platforms. Teens can easily access things that are not meant to be seen or heard by people of their age.

School and peer pressure

Teens spend more of their time at school. The people they encounter at school: teachers, classmates, and peers can greatly affect their character and mindset. If they choose the right circle, then they will turn out to be fine individuals. On the other hand, if they choose the wrong friends, they will most likely turn out to be a problem for society. Which is why it is important to choose the right friends. Keep the circle small.

Law enforcement and the impact on teens

How the police authorities implement the law can have a huge impact on the overall behavior and mentality of teens. If the crime is prevalent, teens might look at it as something normal. It might even lead to committing crimes too because it is normal after all. On the other hand, if the law enforcers are strict in implementing the laws, teens will grow up to be law abiding citizens. They will most likely refrain from doing things that could put them in jail.

The youth is the hope of tomorrow. Which is why it is important to create a society that would mold the youth to become a better version of themselves. To create a society that is conducive to growing responsible adults, parents should make sure they do their part. A society consists of family units. Hence, molding the teen starts at home. It is the primary responsibility of parents to nurture their children and make sure they grow to be responsible adults. The environment that the children are exposed to at home will affect their way of life, especially on how they mingle with other people.

To sum it up, family and society should work hand in hand to produce responsible adults. All the basic units of society are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive for everyone, especially for the youth.